Best Sugar Daddy Websites and Apps in Australia

best sugar daddy websites in australia

Australia is one of the most popular countries for sugar dating, so most sugar websites and apps are able to offer australia sugar daddies and sugar babies the opportunity to find long-term or short-term sugar relationships. However, there are many types of sugar websites and the quality is mixed, so it is also important to choose a reliable sugar dating site in Australia.

If you are finding a sugar daddy or sugar baby in Australia,We list the top 6 sugar daddy dating sites in Australia. Avoid wasting time and money by choosing your favorite through these Australian sugar dating sites' reviews, prices, features and more.

Top Sugar Daddy Site in AU

Sugar Daddy Meet -- The most reliable sugar website

  • Number of users: Over 5 million members
  • Price:

    1 Month – $50 total

    3 Month – $30.00 per month

    6 Months – $240.00 per month

SDM is the most reliable sugar dating site because it has the strictest vetting to eliminate scammers and protect personal privacy.

Sugar Daddy Meet only allows people from the world's 20 richest countries to register, Australia is one of them, and according to sdm official data released, the four countries with the largest number of sdm people are the United States, Australia, Canada, and the uk.

In addition to a unique verification feature that helps users verify sugar daddy's income and sugar baby's photo. SDM's initial gift and advanced filtering features also make it easier for sugar daddies and sugar babies who wish to meet and date.

Whats Your Price –Unique bidding function

  • Number of users: Over 4 million members
  • Price:

    100 Credits – $50

    500 Credits – $150

    1,000 Credits – $250

The unique bidding feature makes What’s Your Price the website that best reflects the characteristics of sugar dating. Members of the site can bid on their first date and let others bid on it instead of paying to be contacted by other sites.

What’s Your Price also has the messaging, search, and photo features that most sugar dating sites have, but the dating bidding is still its biggest draw. WYP is also an international sugar dating site and is worth a try for those looking for an Australian sugar daddy or sugar baby!

SugarDaddie-- One of The Largest Sugar Date Sites

  • Number of users: Over 5 million members
  • Price:

    100 Credits – $59

    500 Credits – $169

    1,000 Credits – $289

SugarDaddie is considered to be one of the best sugar dating sites with over 2million users from different countries. It was also one of the first sugar sites to be established. Users can find like-minded sugar partners who meet your criteria by using the maney uesful search filters.

The site has many quality features that can be utilized, including video chat, profile verification, wealth verification...., It can be said that SugarDaddies has the advantages of most sugar daddy sites, although the number of users is huge and some people may not be able to verify, it is still one of the best sugar date sites to get Australian sugar daddy or sugar baby.

SugarDaddiesAustralia – best sugar daddy sites australia

  • Number of users: Over 0.5 million members
  • Price:

    1 Month – $50 total

    3 Month – $30.00 per month

    6 Months – $24.00 per month

As the site name suggests it's just a sugar daddy app that focuses on the Australian sugar date market.

Since its inception in 2008, it has been focused on providing sugar dating services for local sugar babies and sugar daddies in Australia. It offers the same quality features as other sugar daddy sites, including free uploading of watchable videos and posting of comments. One of the localized customer service team's timely team support helps users to solve the problems they encounter in browsing the site faster and makes it easier for Australian users to find the right SD and SB.

Sudy- Best Sugar Date App

  • Number of users :Over 3 million members
  • Price:

    1 Month – $15 total

    3 Month – $12.00 per month

    6 Months – $9.00 per month

Sudy is a professional sugar daddy app for people looking for a sugar dad or sugar baby. SUDY has been focusing on sugar dating apps since its inception in 2015, thus becoming one of the most well-known sugar daddy apps for users around the world. sudy can also be used on the website, in basically the same way as on the app, at the user's discretion. Sudy has a feature to find users nearby, so SDs and SBs can easily find users nearby. It is very convenient for those who want to find a local date. All new users will get special recommendations and attention from existing users, in addition to many other interesting features to explore.

Secret Benefits -- One of The Most Popular Sugar Daddy Sites

  • Number of users: Over 1 million members
  • Price:

    100 Credits – $50

    450 Credits – $150

    1,000 Credits – $250

Secret Benefits is one of the most popular sugar date websites today. Although it has not been around for long, it has already gained a large number of young sugar babies due to its stylish interface and simplicity. These sugar babies are between the ages of 18 and 24. Secret Benefits is very easy to register, and users can get many free features by signing up for free.

The site receives more than 10 million visitors per month, most of whom come from the United States, Canada and Australia. If you are looking for local sugar babies in Australia, this is a good choice.

Why find sugar daddy in Australia ?

As most Australians know, sugar dating is a common form of online dating and sugar daddy is legal in Australia and is defined as an honest and mutually beneficial form of dating . As long as it is consensual, sex is only one act included in a sugaring relationship.

Due to the popularity of the definition of sugary dating in Australia, sugary dating is becoming increasingly popular in Australia, where sugary dads are younger and more generous compared to other regions. According to a lot of data from sugar dating websites, the average Australian sugar daddy is around 40 years old and spends between $1000 - $5000 per month on sugar allowance for his sugar baby, some even more

How to find sugar daddies in Australia from sugar date sites

Based on our recommendations above for the 2022 most popular sugar sites to choose the most your favorite, here are tips on how to choose a sugar site.

1. verification function, is necessary, many free sugar sites exist fake sugar daddies and sugar babies, in order to avoid the waste of time and money verification function is essential

2. Setting and filtering. A good sugar dating website can help you narrow down your choices to find the right person to the greatest extent possible

3. User activity. The more user members, the more active the site is, the easier it is to find a match.