First Sugar Daddy Date Tips: Sugar Baby Dos & Don'ts

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The first sugar date is the first and most important step in finding a sugar daddy and getting a sugarbaby allowance. Any ill-timed move during the first sugar date can make a bad impression on your potential sugar daddy, which can seriously affect the sugar relationship and even the amount of sugar allowance. You may think you're ready and committed to the sugardaddy date experience, but if you haven't really thought about what not to do on a first sugar dating, then you may want to read this article first.

Sugar baby allowance refers specifically to the cash given by sugar daddies to sugar babies during the sugar relationship, which can take the form of money sent to the sugar baby by sugar daddies through transfers to bank accounts, paypal, cash app, cryptocurrency, etc.

The sugarbaby allowance is negotiated between the sugar daddy and the sugar baby, so some sugar babies will also receive shopping, travel, jewelry and even stocks and properties in lieu of the sugar baby allowance. This can be "sugar baby" The allowance is negotiable, but the size varies greatly.

Typically sugar baby benefits can range from $400 to $10,000 per month, and discussing how much does a sugar daddy pay can be a tricky thing for starting sugar babies and sugar daddies. Here's where we need to go into more detail about the types of sugar allowances and payment options.

  • Sugar Baby Don'ts - Don't give anything for free
  • Don't give anything away for free to sugar daddies before establishing a relationship, especially sexy photos and money. In any case, anyone who asks you to give him money must be a liar, and a real sugar daddy will never ask you to give him money to prove loyalty.

    If you don't want to become a porn star without knowing it, don't send nude photos to your sugar date who you don't have an emotional connection with - sending nude photos to your sugar daddy is like putting your naked body on a stranger's computer screen before establishing a connection.

  • Sugar Baby Dos - Pay attention to safety
  • Safety is of utmost importan thing for first sugar date, so for a first date, the thing that sugar babies must do is to make the venue for the first sugar date your choice, a place where you feel comfortable, and it should always be in a public place. Tsuch as restaurant, a small cafe downtown.

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  • Sugar Baby Don'ts - Don't stay too long on the first date.
  • A simple four-hour dinner date is perfectly adequate to accomplish the goal of a sugar date. Don't stay too long on the first date nor share detailed information about your life. You should refuse to meet anyone who just wants to score immediately on the first date.

  • Sugar Baby Dos - Dress yourself well
  • On the sugar baby industry, don't underestimate the power of physical attractiveness; physical appearance can determine many things. Great looks include makeup and body-contouring clothes.

  • Sugar Baby Don'ts - Do not dress flashy or too sexy
  • You need to dress up, but don't wear overly flashy or sexy clothes, and don't wear too much perfume. This may make some sugar daddies feel nervous, especially in public. understated elegance, well-matched outfits with a hint of fun are most popular with sugar daddies.

  • Sugar Baby Dos - Verify that your sugar daddy is real
  • Some scammers like to pretend to be sugar daddies online and they not only waste your time but even just want to get free sex. So you should do your best to make sure that your sugar daddy is who they say they are and that you don't want to date a scammer or a salt daddy. Start with a basic background check. Get to know his social media accounts; do a Google search on him. Check some key details, such as whether your date is using his real name. Make sure safety is never compromised.

  • Sugar Baby Don'ts - Don't waste each other's time
  • Your time is as valuable as a sugar daddy, schedule meetings whenever possible to test each other's chemistry and decide whether to continue a relationship. A really rich sugar daddy may not have that much time to build a relationship with you slowly, so if you don't want to miss out on a rich successful person, don't beat around the bush or cancel on him or try to change plans or deviate from an agreed upon schedule.

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  • Sugar Baby Dos - Treat sugar daddies like old friends you're meeting for the first time.
  • Don't pre-prepare questions, but approach the potential sugar daddy like an old friend. Greet him as if you already know each other: "Hey! It's great to see you! How are you doing today?"

    Then start a normal conversation straight away, just like you would with a friend: "So ...... tell me what's exciting about your day ......? I'd love a glass of wine, any recommendations? "

    Smile a lot. Maintain eye contact. Let the conversation flow easily and naturally, expressing a genuine interest in his day, his life and his interests - just as you would do with a friend.

  • Sugar Baby Don'ts - Don't be shy
  • Sugar daddies dating a sugar babies are hoping to get a relaxed and fun meeting and shouldn't have to work hard to attract you.

  • Sugar Baby Dos - Express your expectations
  • If you need money to pay for school or start a business, be especially direct on the first date about your expectations, for allowances, credit card debt payments, paying rent, college loan repayments, pure cash, checks, PayPal, gifts, etc., and what you're paying for (when and where you can meet, and for how long).

  • Sugar Baby Don'ts - Don't be too attached to sugar daddies
  • Your sugar dad is here to help, but he is not here to solve your problems. Don't rely on certain benefits and perks given by sugar daddies. It does not provide a steady source of income, and keep in mind that your sugar dady can break up with you at any time, which means your funds will dry up.

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  • Sugar Baby Dos - Define your boundaries
  • If you can find a sugar daddy that you can get past creating chemistry with, you may think that sex is a naturally occurring behavior. However, if you don't want to sleep with your sugar daddy, clarify your boundaries and discuss a way to get along that makes you both comfortable. Don't feel obligated to sleep with your suagr daddy, and if you feel uncomfortable with your SD, remove yourself from the situation in a timely manner.

  • Sugar Baby Don'ts - Don't fall in love with your sugar daddy
  • SBs and SDs establish a temporary relationship, which is mutually beneficial, but not necessarily the future. Sugar daddies give you financial help and you give him emotional support . You are likely to experience many sugar daddies so it is best not to depend on anyone or fall in love with them to avoid getting hurt .

  • Sugar Baby Dos - Keep it honest
  • Remember your purpose and be honest about your relationship. You've chosen a non-traditional lifestyle, so keep an open mind and have a great time.

  • Sugar Baby Dos - Keep it honest
  • There is nothing worse than a sugar baby who is always negative. Sugar daddies don't pay to hear you complain, so even if something negative in your life is making you a little desperate, keep your emotions in check and always show your best side. Don't let your problems become sugar daddy's problems or your sugar daddy will become someone else's sugar daddy.