The Lifestyle of a Sugar Baby in USA

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More women than ever are taking to the web to find sugar daddies who'll pay for cash, gifts even World Travel. With the global economic changes in recent years, sugar is considered one of the best ways to live. Because Young ladies are confronted with increasing cost of living and employment pressures. Many women are in financial crisis and having a sugar daddy is really the fastest way to get money and get out of debt. Sugar dating is growing rapidly, and although it is still stigmatized by some, it is undeniably an effective way to improve lives and help young people achieve the goals they want.

Especially for sugar babies in the United States, Sugars dating is a powerful way to make ends meet and compete with all their peers. Because they get to date famous people from all over the world. If you too are interested in becoming a Sugar Baby, with us to learn what The Lifestyle of a $100k/year Sugar Baby in USA is all about?


A 28 year old sugar babe whose identity has been verified by Sugar Daddy Meet shares her three years of sugar babe experience and her story is published anonymously to protect her identity.

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I decided to become a sugar baby three years ago.

Because I didn't seem to have any other options left with. I worked part-time jobs throughout college to pay for the high tuition fees, these efforts brought me a meager harvest, after graduation I still had to pay back nearly 50k in tuition loans, when I got my first job after graduation for only 3k a month I found it too difficult to pay back theloans and I still needed to pay rent to put food on my table.

Upon learning of my difficulty, a colleague of mine who had used sdm recommended this site to me. I had never done anything like this before, and had never even been on a dating site. But "the offers to find a date who would support me and help me pay off my loans were too tempting." So I thought I'd give it a try. Soon, I received countless messages.

In a very short period of time, I contacted about 6 potential sugar daddies that I thought were pretty good. There are more sugar daddies who are fired immediately.

I ended up choosing my first sugar daddy, I'll call him m. He is a senior executive in a financial firm and on our first sugar date he stated that he wanted to enjoy a romantic journey that would not be fruitful, maybe we wouldn't be fruitful, but we would be happy in the relationship. He is a truly charming gentleman. My date lasted about three months, during which I received nearly $10,000 in cash and other gifts, and we went on a 7-days trip to Italy, which was a wonderful experience.

After separating from m, I went through a few other short-lived sugar daddies, some great ones and some bad ones, so I kept looking for new ones on sugar dating sites until I met H.

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He is a businessman, 17 years older than me, he has no plans to remarry after his divorce 10 years ago, so he has been seeking some short dates on sugar dating sites . He is really a generous sugar daddy and takes me to some great restaurants every time, we just simply eat and talk a little but we both feel comfortable with each other.

So after a few dates, he asked me to extend the relationship as long as possible so we could try to be together for a long time. He knew I was still paying off my student loans, so he offered to pay me $8k a month for my sugar allowance and he thought I was fit to continue my studies and he could support me in pursuing a higher degree if I wanted to. To me, he was a partner, a companion, and sometimes a father.

With his encouragement, I decided to try for a more advanced degree, I switched to a more relaxed job, and although the sugar daddy allowance and other gifts were enough to make a comfortable living, I wanted to retain the ability to work. For now I just seem to have to worry about studying and keeping my sugar daddy interested in me.

His job keeps him in one place infrequently and we sometimes don't see each other often, but it's fun every time. I have never told my family that I have a sugar daddy and maybe at the end of this relationship I will say goodbye to the sugar world, but I will always be grateful for all that sugar has brought me.

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