The Ashley Madison Site Reviews

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  • Date of creation:2001
  • Total users:over 60 million members
  • Male to female ratio:1:4
  • Advantage:
  1. Free for women
  2. High user activity
  3. Simple to use
  4. Functionality-rich
  • Disadvantages:
  1. Credit system be costly
  2. There was a data breach in 2015

Ashley Madison Overview

Ashley Madison is a Canadian dating site created in 2001 and the world's first dating site for extramarital affairs. Ashley Madison has received a lot of attention since its inception, and although the site has received mixed reviews, it is undeniably popular, with married people, singles, and even those who just try to broaden their horizons, "taking their chances" on the site. Ashley Madison is always a good choice for people looking for a sugar daddy or to become a sugar baby. Not only does Ashley Madison have a large number of registered users, but it also has a healthy ratio of male to female users.

Despite Ashley Madison's reputation, if you're still not sure if it will meet your needs, we'll walk you through Ashley Madison's features, credit system, usage, pricing, and more.

What is Ashley Madison's Credit System?

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Unlike other dating sites, Ashley Madison does not have a subscription model, but instead uses a credit system. Men who use the platform are required to pay for credits in order to interact with other users. The more you buy, the more affordable the credits become, and different actions require different amounts of credits.

On the one hand, you only pay for the services you use. On the other hand, it gets more expensive!

How to Use Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison Registration

Ashley Madison's registration process is as simple as most online dating sites, requiring a few simple personal details to register, such as age, gender, marital status, etc. The whole process takes about a few minutes, and crucially, all registration is free.

In addition to this, Ashley Madison has a great feature that is free for female users, including sending chats, reading incoming messages, checking messages, etc. Most of the interactions that men must pay for, women can get for free

Ashley Madison Points Usage

Many of Ashley Madison's features cost points to purchase, for example: each time you send a message or open an incoming message, it costs 5 points. Then, depending on the amount of time spent chatting with a user, it will cost you points as well. You will be charged 50 points for each hour you are in live chat with another user, and once that hour is over, Ashley Madison will return another 20-30 points to you.

Ashley Madison also allows users to send "virtual gifts" to get the attention of other users. Depending on the gift, it will cost a different number of credits, but usually between 20, 30 and 50 credits.

Remove Ashley Madison Acount

How to delete Ashley Madison account is also one of the most important questions that many users want to know during the process of using it.

If you want to delete your Ashley Madison account at a particular time. Then all you need to do: First select the three rows in the upper left corner to find the Settings menu and click on Settings Then select the action you want to perform on the new page Accounts tab--Delete your account or deactivate your account.


If you choose to delete your account, you will not be able to retrieve all deleted information.

Ashley Madison Pricing & Costs

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Ashley Madison's free features are limited, most of them require payment, and Ashley Madison's payment types are many and complex.

Purchase Credits

As mentioned before many of Ashley Madison's features cost points, and the points are sold in three bulk packages.

Basic - 100 credits for $59 or $0.59/credit.

Classic - 500 credits for $149.00 or $0.30/credit. (recommended purchase)

Elite - 1,000 credits for $249.00 or $0.25 per credit.

MIC--Member Initiated Contact

The consumption of points may be too costly for active members, so mic is a good option to reduce costs.

And mic is free for the first 30 days of use and only $29.99 after that. This feature is optional and it allows you to view and reply to messages without using credits.

Here are some of the major payment methods accepted by Ashley Madison including

- Paypal

- Credit card

- Debit card

- Checks

- Gift cards

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