Good Questions to Ask Your Potential Sugar Daddy

first questions to ask a sugar daddy

It's easy to meet potential sugar daddies on the legal Sugar Daddy site/app, but how do you get sugar daddies interested in you? How do you tell a sugar daddy what you want? For most new sugar daddies it is difficult. If you don't understand the rules of sugar daddy conversation, what you say can ruin a sugar daddy's expectations of you. Seasoned sugar babies will always know how to make a good impression at different stages of a sugar date relationship, whether it's before meeting a sugar daddy or on a first date. We've pulled the following answers from the personal experience of sugar daddy dating experts to the good questions to ask your sugar daddy.

Top Questions to Ask Potential Sugar Daddy Before First Dating

Most of the time sugarbaby meet potential sugar daddies on legitimate sugar dating sites. The more you know about sugar daddies before the first date, the easier it will be to negotiate the rest of the sugar date. If you want to enjoy a happy sugar relationship, it is important to ask potential suagr daddy questions before meeting with a sugardaddy.

  1. What are your expectations for a sugar dating relationship?
  2. This is the key question that will determine whether you can go further with your potential sugar daddy, understanding what kind of relationship he is looking for and what he really wants from you. to determine if you are ready to start a sugar relationship with him.

  3. How do you feel about intimacy in a sugar relationship
  4. If you're worried about having sex, remember to find out if the sugar daddy expects sex before the first date, but remember to ask politely.

  5. Do you prefer text messages or phone contact?
  6. Some sugar daddies are not single, they will care a lot about their privacy and don't want to leave too many traces. So knowing his preferred way of communication in advance can make your contact more pleasant.

  7. What are your hobbies?
  8. Learn more about his hobbies and hobbies before the first date to understand some relevant topics to ensure you have more to talk about when you meet.

  9. Can your Sugar Baby get extra expense allowance?
  10. Besides sugar baby allowance, some sugar babies may have other needs, such as free trips, extra beauty expenses, or even some wish to get a sugar daddies pay for college.

Best Questions To Ask When Dating A Sugar Daddy

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Based on the conversation you had with the sugar daddy before the meeting, you should know exactly what he likes and needs, and using the information you get, you can control the pace of the conversation and negotiate like an expert.

  1. What is your job?
  2. This is a classic question to ask a sugar daddy when you are chatting with him, it leads him to talk about himself, men like to show off their successes and you can learn about his values and priorities in life. conversation starters examples, such as "What do you like about your job? " and "What is your ideal job".

  3. Would you like to be my mentor?
  4. If you know from the last question that your sugar daddy has a higher social status, he may be willing to help you advance your career and provide you with more help in life. Sugar Babies just need to be honest about their ambitions and that a sugar relationship will always bring you more than just money.

  5. How was your previous sugar relationship? What was the reason for the end?
  6. Asking the sugar daddy if it's his first sugar date and knowing his dating history will help you understand the sugar daddy's preferred style of sugar dating and preferences and bring you closer together; this question needs to be asked in a polite and casual manner, as it can leave a bad impression if the sugar daddy feels invasive.

  7. Do you prefer ppm or monthly allowance?
  8. The question of sugar allowance is one of the most important questions to ask a sugar daddy, negotiating a clear amount and payment method is necessary.

  9. What is your view on open relationships?
  10. Some possessive sugar daddies don't like to share. If you want your sugar relationship to be an open one, please ask the sugar daddy first.

Sugar baby conversation starters examples(online)

sugar baby tips for beginners

"Hello, I noticed you seem to like to travel a lot! I love to travel too! I'd like to get to know you more and look forward to your reply."

"Hi Rename! I love your smile, it makes me want to get to know you better, do you have a favorite female style?"

"Hi Rename, you seem like someone I'd really like to get to know. I'm interested in learning more about you. Hope we can chat."

"hi, nice to see you here, I'm looking for someone to spoil me and spend good time with, hopefully that person is you."

More first conversation with sugar daddy examples(dating)

"Hey, how's it going?"

"I like what you're wearing today, you look amazing."

“It’s a beautiful day, isn’t it?"

"Are you doing something fun this weekend?"

"This is my very favorite restaurant, I hope you enjoy it too."