The Top 10 Tips For First Sugar Date

first date with sugar daddy

If you have found your ideal sugar mate, the first date is very important. It determines the first impression you make on the other person and whether the relationship can go further.

Sugar dating is not a traditional date, where there is a lot of room for confusion and need to decide in advance. Sugar dating is based on the sugar daddy's willingness to provide support for the sugar baby, so it is important to understand each other's needs before or on the first sugar dating and whether the sugar baby likes pocket money or prefers gifts.

Please read this article carefully to ensure you have the perfect first sugar date with a sugar daddy or sugar baby.

1.Clarify your expectations of the sugar relationship and establish goals

Sugar dating is originally a relationship based on material basis, so before starting sugar dating,sugar babies should know exactly what they want to get and set simple goals, such as: how much allowance they get per month, getting gift per date, etc. If you prefer to travel you can also include your list in advance

2.Planning ahead for sugar dates

Don't stay too long or share any personal information about your life on the first sugar daddy date of your sugar dating arrangement. You will need to do a simple planning such as not spending more than 1-2 hours on the first date and finish the date within the planned time and can leave to discuss the next date time.

3.Choose the dating address carefully

The address of the first dating is very important because it is not safe to date a stranger you met on the internet.

So be sure to choose a public place for your first sugardaddy date. This should be easy because usually the sugar daddy will recommend a few restaurants for you to choose from, so be sure to choose a safe public place. If he doesn't, you can use "I've always wanted to go to ____. I hope we can meet there."

Then tell your friends or family that you are on a date, not necessarily a sugar date, but just a regular date.

4.Create a good first impression

If you want to make a good first impression, it's not just a matter of wearing your sexiest outfit. Sugar babies need to get to know their sugar daddies briefly before meeting them on the first suagr baby date and choose your outfit based on your potential sugar daddy's preferences. Most sugar daddies, being successful people, prefer understated, well put together outfits with a touch of fun.

5.Create topics to fully understand your sugar daddy

Understanding through the internet is limited, meeting and dating is a great opportunity to learn about each other's background and preferences. Express your feelings about each other openly, share stories and opinions to determine if two people have the same viewpoint, and talk about life and your interests. Just keeping a normal conversation going is enough to help you get to know each other.

7.Maintain honesty and build trust

Everything you show is real and confident, don't fake it. All relationships that work well must be honest and clear, and so is a sugar relationship. Don't let each other waste time on the wrong people, show each other the real you, the real thoughts, and this will give your relationship a better start.

8.Communicate your expectations and preferences

When you get to the second half of your date, send your signals clearly to the sugar daddy and you can have an honest discussion about your expectations and preferences in the sugar relationship, about gifts, money and dating styles. This is important and necessary in a sugar relationship. In most cases, the evening will be the first person to mention the topic. Talk about this topic, but don't be too commercial and make the sugar daddy feel like you are trying to build a relationship with him.

9.Establish rules

Establish rules and regulations in the sugar relationship to clarify the rights and obligations of both parties and try to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings.

10.Respect each other's boundaries

Sugar Baby will depend on Sugar Daddy for certain benefits and allowances, but this does not mean that Sugar Daddy can get anything you want from her without her consent. If there is no agreement in the sugar relationship for non-sugar dating time, the sugar daddy has no right to ask the sugar baby to do anything else.