What’s Your Price Reviews

Whats Your Price site review

  • Date of creation:2010
  • Total users:Over 4 million users
  • Male to female ratio:7:3
  • Advantage:
  1. Unique auction-style dating
  2. Configuration file detail
  • Disadvantages:
  1. Presence of escorts on the site
  2. Have false profile

What’s Your Price Overview

What's Your Price was launched in April 2010 by Brandon Wade, the founder of Seeking Arrangement. What's Your Price has over 4 million registered users and counting, with the majority of users coming from the US and UK.

What's Your Price is a really fun sugar dating site. Sugar daddies want to know more about beautiful women, sugar babes have a clear intention on gift prices and want to date the most generous sugar daddies, What's Your Price's unique auction features meet all of these criteria. What's Your Price makes adding sugar straightforward.

In addition to the unique sweet auction feature, What's Your Price also has most of the features of a regular sugar dating site, such as sending messages, browsing profiles, chat rooms, etc.

How to register in What’s Your Price

Whether you want to auction off a first date at What's Your Price or meet a new sugar match, you'll need to register on What's Your Price first. Registration is completely free and it takes less than 10 minutes to complete the simple steps to become a member.

  1. Fill in the email address where you can receive the verification message
  2. Fill in basic information (gender, age, address)
  3. Upload personal photo (needs to be verified)

Once the information has been verified, the user is allowed to use the site. Usually the review time is less than 48 hours.

Featured Features

Whats Your Price search Features

What’s Your Price site page design and layout is very simple. In order to highlight the site's biggest feature, the first date auction, the site does not have a large number of features. Among the free features are:

  • Search options
  • Your favorites
  • Your bids
  • Your messages
  • Virtual gifts

If you become a member, you can get the right to use more features. Among the features that are only available with a premium subscription are

  • Making offers
  • You can initiate an invitation to a girl you are interested in, and even if the girl refuses, you won't lose your money.

  • Messaging
  • Only premium subscribers have free access to the messaging feature.

  • 24/4 support team
  • A 24-hour customer support service available only for premium subscribers. If you have any questions, you can always contact the customer support team to solve all your problems.

How Whats Your Price Works

Whats Your Price profile

In order to reduce the time and effort spent on the first meeting, WYP has adopted a new approach to dating.

By placing a bid (similar to an auction), Sugar Baby will decide which offer to accept. The sugar daddy who bids shall pay the agreed amount within the date, including all date fees. Remittance will not be done through the website and needs to be done in person by the sugar daddy. The site's recommendation is that when the date ends, the sugar daddy pays half of the money up front and then the other half. This is to ensure that you meet your date without any problems.

Sugar Babies start as low as $10, but it's entirely up to the Sugar Babies themselves as they can set their own starting price and Sugar Daddies can send information to Sugar Babies based on their budget. This is a very mutually beneficial feature that greatly reduces the risk of being scammed.

If users have any issues with collections or payments, please contact the site promptly and let them know that they have an active support team that will handle things internally and may ban the offending member from the site for life.

What’s Your Price Cost and Pricing

Since What's Your Price has a unique auction date feature, many members will be curious about What's Your Price prices and costs, how sugar babies need to get their sugar allowance through the site and how sugar daddies pay for their dates?

What's Your Price does not require a membership fee and is 100% free to join. To enjoy all the premium features of the site, all you pay for is the credits you redeem to unlock the different features, which vary from feature to feature. What members need to know is that WhatsYourPrice is above average compared to other providers.

Price of credits :

Basic - 100 credits for $50 or $0.5/credit.

Classic - 500 credits for $150.00 or $0.30/credit. (recommended purchase)

Elite - 1,000 credits for $250.00 or $0.25 per credit.

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